Audio Teachings by Don Krow
Series: Table Talk
The Scriptures tells us that faith without works or deeds is a dead non-saving faith. We need to examine ourselves to see if we are truly in the Christian faith.
Series: Table Talk
In this teaching we talk about the nature of saving faith. There will be many religious people who will not enter God's Kingdom and Jesus tells us why.
Series: Table Talk
God's provision of grace, through the redemption of Christ, perfects those who continue in the truth of the gospel.
Series: Table Talk
Christ, Lord, Jesus, and Kingdom are words we often see in Scripture, but have we overlooked their meaning? Define these terms and you will get a whole new understanding of your Bible.
Series: Table Talk
Find out how I got kicked out of Bible College and discovered the power and truth of God's Word.
Each Sunday we hear new topics spoken about in our churches like healing, faith, and spirit, soul, and body. But it may surprise you that the early church possibly never heard such teaching.
Did the Apostles call people to repeat a prayer, ask Jesus into their heart, or ask Jesus to be their savior? What is the message that unifies our Bible? We discuss these questions in more detail in this second teaching from my time at Charis Bible College in Atlanta.
What part of the Scripture do you push away? Do you set Scripture against Scripture? What kind of salvation is the Old Testament talking about? You will discover this and more as Jesus is shown to be revealed in the only Bible that the early church had.
Do you have the foundation of Christ's teachings? What fruit should we look for? What is the "Day of the Lord"? In this teaching we look at the big picture that unifies the Bible.
This is a must hear for every CBC student and all who are training for the ministry. In this teaching the real message of both the Old and New Testaments are shown in its overall plan for eternity. Many important foundational themes are brought together to unify and not to divide our Bible. This is a must hear for your spiritual life and training.
What did Timothy understand was his hope of redemption and salvation? What did the Jews understand about the Kingdom, everlasting life and salvation? What was the message of Jesus? What is the big picture of the whole Bible? What does the Kingdom offer in the present evil world? All this and more...
The earth is out of order. What does that mean? And when will there be liberation? See what the Old Testament and New Testament says about our future Hope. A powerful teaching that you need to hear!
How did Discipleship Evangelism begin? How can we share Christ on the streets? Miracles are still happening today! See for yourself!
It is impossible to understand the ministry and message of Jesus without an understanding of the Kingdom of God. What did the Old Testament really teach? What was the message of Jesus, His twelve disciples, the seventy, and anyone that Jesus called to preach? Discover this and much more...
In this teaching you may be surprised that the Apostle Paul (the great teacher of grace) is witnessing in several instances and speaking of the need of righteousness, temperance, and a judgment to come. He also asked for fruit that shows repentance. Strange to the ears of those who proclaim a modern gospel.
God calls people into His Kingdom in this present evil age. Yet the Kingdom of God belongs to the Age to Come and will be realized only in its fullness in that age.
Don Krow gives a little background of Charis Bible College and his relationship with Andrew Wommack. See how God moves you in your calling as you follow Him and His Word.
You may be surprised to find out that most evangelicals have never understood the Gospel that is to be preached. It is amazing that we haven't really looked closely to see the Gospel that the apostles preached. Be ready to be challenged and to re-exam your beliefs.
The unifying message of the whole Bible is the teaching of the Kingdom of God. In this teaching we examine this subject that is greatly misunderstood or ignored.
By Dana Krow
We all have friends and/or family in our life that are unbelievers or who claim to be a Christian but yet there is no evidence of that in their life. I was influenced about a year ago by another follower of Jesus to write this gospel story to help me talk to someone. I created a short outline to help me memorize key points. Then when God opens up an opportunity to share, I am prepared with the help of the Holy Spirit. I hope this will be a helpful tool. Please allow it to be a casual conversation without sounding like a rehearsed presentation. You will find many Scriptures for all the key points in the story that can help when a person asks questions. There is also the full written out presentation as spoken in this audio.
Accompanying Booklet:
A Simple Explanation of the Gospel from the Old Testament to the New Testament
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