Table Talk
Table Talk #1 - Authority and Power to Preach the Gospel
Christ commissioned his followers to preach His gospel with signs and wonders. Learn how we have authority and power to preach the gospel.
Table Talk #2 - The Good News of His Kingdom
In this second teaching in the Table Talk series I talk about the implications of following Jesus. I think very few of us understand this concept. I believe we need to re-examine our presentation of the gospel and follow the model given to us in scripture.
Table Talk #3 - Jesus Commissions His Followers to Preach
In this teaching we discuss how the harvest is not the problem. What we need are workers in His harvest to say and do as our master commanded.
Table Talk #4 - Jesus Commissions All Believers to Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom
In this teaching we look at how Paul preached the gospel of the Kingdom and we see this pattern continue through the book of Acts.
Table Talk #5 - Sin Put Us Under Satan's Domain
In this teaching we talk about how sin put us under Satan's domain, but the cross legally secured God's ownership of the individual and granted the forgiveness of sins.
Table Talk #6 - Paul's Conversion
In this teaching we talk about the conversion of the apostle Paul. You may be surprised by what Jesus commands Paul to do! Acts 9:1-19; Acts 22:6-16; Acts 26:12-20
Table Talk #7 - What did Paul say about Baptism?
In this teaching we talk about what the apostle Paul had to say about his own baptism. You may be surprised! Rom 6:1-7; Col 2:11-12; Gal 3:26-27.
Table Talk #8 - Repent and Be Baptized
In this teaching we talk about what the Apostle Peter says to those who want to follow Christ. He instructs them on what they must do to come into the salvation that God has provided.
Table Talk #9 - Repent, Be Baptized and Put on Christ
What message did the early church hear from the Apostles? How did people respond to the salvation invitation? You will be surprised!
Table Talk #10 - Water Baptism and the Preaching of Jesus
In this teaching we discuss how water baptism was proclaimed within the preaching of Jesus. Check it out for yourself! Acts 8:26-39
Table Talk #11 - The Gospel for Today
In this teaching we talk about how the church needs to be restored to preach and demonstrate the gospel of Christ once again.
Table Talk #12 - Introduction to the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
In this teaching we discuss how the Apostle Paul in Acts 19 asked believers if they received the baptism with the Holy Spirit when they believed. They knew nothing of this subject just as many know nothing of this subject today.
Table Talk #13 - The Purpose of Speaking in Tongues
What is the purpose of speaking in tongues? Why has the devil fought against this particular gift more than any other? Find out as we examine closely the scriptures on this particular subject.
Table Talk #14 - Healing the Sick
Our commission from Christ is to heal the sick, cast out devils and preach the gospel. Why do our churches teach differently?
Table Talk #15 - Continue in the Faith
Can a Christian turn back to the world and be lost? In this teaching we will explore this question and consider the warnings of the Scriptures.
Table Talk #16 - Faith Without Works
The Scriptures tells us that faith without works or deeds is a dead non-saving faith. We need to examine ourselves to see if we are truly in the Christian faith.
Table Talk #17 - The Nature of Saving Faith
In this teaching we talk about the nature of saving faith. There will be many religious people who will not enter God's Kingdom and Jesus tells us why.
Table Talk #18 - By One Offering He Has Perfected Us
God's provision of grace, through the redemption of Christ, perfects those who continue in the truth of the gospel.
Table Talk #19 - Christ, Lord, Jesus, and Kingdom
Christ, Lord, Jesus, and Kingdom are words we often see in Scripture, but have we overlooked their meaning? Define these terms and you will get a whole new understanding of your Bible.
Table Talk #20 - How I Got Kicked out of Bible College
Find out how I got kicked out of Bible College and discovered the power and truth of God's Word.