Studies of The King & His Kingdom
Studies of the King & His Kingdom
The Greek word Christos that is translated "Christ" means "the anointed" and primarily refers to an anointed king. Hebrews chapter 6 tells us the doctrine of our anointed King and is referred to as the Christian's foundation. In this book this doctrine is examined. Chapters include: "Why Teach Doctrine?" "What was the Message of Jesus?" "What did Paul Preach to the Gentiles?" "The Cost of Discipleship" "Jesus is Lord" "Jesus is King" "Jesus is Saviour" "The Doctrine of Repentance" "Saved by Grace" "The Doctrine of Faith toward God" "The Doctrine of Water Baptism" "Baptism with the Holy Spirit" "The Doctrine of Laying on of Hands" "The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead" "The Doctrine of Eternal Judgment" "In Christ: A New Creation."