When God Says, "I Do" - God's Mystery In Marriage Revealed
A tender message from Don Krow's heart about something very close to God's heart: marriage.

It was God who first noticed something lacking in His perfect creation; Adam needed a helper. When the Pharisees came to Jesus with a trick question about divorce, Jesus reminded them that marriage was God's idea, not man's. God designed marriage and gave it purpose and meaning.

God's original design for marriage was for the closest union between two people that's possible; described as the two becoming one. In His word, God actually talks about three kinds of marriage: marriage between a man and a woman, our marriage to Him and our marriage to the Law. As Don explains, the marriage relationship has spiritual counterparts. Everything we can say about a good marriage, one that's all God designed it to be, is a model of what our relationship with God should be.

This teaching offers meaningful insights into the dynamics of the marriage union and principles of love that can strengthen and bring hope to any marriage. A primer on relationships; its message about our union with God and love for one another is crucial for those who are single or married.